Life Through A Rainbow

I was introduced to fly fishing at a time in my life when I was going through a major life event.  A date asked me on a fly fishing trip and I accepted.  I'll never forget anything about my first experience.  It opened my eyes not only to fishing but to nature.  To start living, really living my life again.  The majestic scenery, calming clear rivers.  It's natures's "healing waters".   The sight of netting my first fish, a rainbow trout.  The feel of the drag with a "fish on!"  The sound of laughter...mine.  My story isn't one that saved my life or shaped my career.  It gave me focus and direction at a time when I needed it.  Fly Fishing helped to heal my wounds, mentality, physically and spiritually.  I learned to love myself, have fun and become a secure, confident woman....a leader.  


Trevor Coffman