Trout Unlimited Presentation

Women are the fastest growing demographic in the fly fishing industry. We are 31% of the fly fishing community. In 2016 more than two million women participated in the sport. Orvis and other companies are at the helm of an initiative for a gender split by 2020. 50/50 On the Water!

Some reasons for our growth; Women are part of the workforce. We need peace and solitude from the river just like our counterparts. We are empty nesters and retirees with more time on our hands. We want our own experiences. In 1996 one of the most prolific reasons for the growth was the development of Casting For Recovery. With the number of breast cancer patients growing so did fly fishing because of its therapeutic healing. But one reason most ladies will admit to is their love/fascination with Brad Pitt in “A River Runs Through It.”

Women Wine & Waders has contributed to this initiative. In our small-town USA, little known trout fishing capita of West Virginia, we have introduced ladies to this magnificent sport. Women are natural fly casters, graceful in their presentations. Nurturing to our fish, caring and protective of our watersheds. When you offer them the opportunity to make new friends, relax and enjoy beautiful scenery with other like-minded individuals its a win-win for all.

Trevor Coffman